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Knoxville Discount Dental Club  is the result of years of thought about ways to provide the maximum savings to those patients that do not have unlimited money and insurance. In other words, it

will help just about everybody that has a need for a lot of dental work. The more work you need and have done the more money you save. Knoxville Discount Dental Club is not to

be confused with insurance.  We are not an insurance company.  We are a discount club much like Sams Club or Costco. Your membership fees are used along with a practice model that is 

efficient as possible to allow us to keep our costs far below those of the average dental offices in our areas. We offer all of our services at greatly reduced prices which are typically 50% of our normal

price.  You are welcome to see our regular fees at any time in order to compare them to the "club" fee.

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